this is my second attempt at a blog…figured the new year would be a great time to start fresh, therefore…the beginning, again. 🙂  I chose wynken and blynken in honor of my favorite childhood poem, one that always makes me smile and at some point will most likely be posted on here just so someone else can read it and smile too.

my first blog was mostly about my boys…who are still the loves of my life and so most likely, you will find notes about them too as we go along. they are as different as night and day….and are my heart! ❤

over the past few years, my passion for photography has taken on a life of its own…it takes a lot of my time, but I call it “my therapy” because whether I am taking pictures of sweet little newborns, precocious 3 year old boys, or a beautiful just makes me happy.

anyway, lots to say….but not tonight….just wanted to get started before this first week of the year took over.

sleep sweet everyone ~ wynken, blynken and nod