yeah….so before you think that I am crazy….let me explain….

husband’s friend comes over with a box of some sort of vitamin shake….meant to assist in slimming you down. now if you ask me, I would have been insulted, but husband said “alright! I will have one for breakfast and one for dinner”…..wait for it….”and you can too”.  yep,  he went there……so, the boys gets tacos while we drink vita shakes or something like that. I added a banana to mine, just to make me feel like I was eating something. I have to say, it isn’t awful, but it is no “black handshake” – a shake to just die for from my friends over at Demolition Coffee. That shake…is, in no uncertain terms, the best shake I have ever had in my life!! can’t wait until I can get another one! in the meantime, seeing how someone in my house feels the need for both of us to trim down…I shall  continue to partake of the “fake shake”. if I lose a few pounds….it will be so worth it!