I must say that for the last couple of years the weather has been as moody and unpredictable as well…..(enter someone’s name here) and I have had just about enough of it!

Being a girl of summer by nature….a lover of sand and sun and warmness….well, this 17 degrees cold to the bones temperature is ridiculous! On top of it all, I can’t find my winter coat! Yes, I am using a lot of exclamation points…because it’s CCCCOLD outside and if I put on any more layers, I will have to hold my arms out like the Michelin Tire Man thing.

I had my coat this weekend…..took it off because it was like Springtime outside and now….it’s gone. The coat that I searched for….at least a dozen places before finding just the right coat. I like that coat….and I want it back. At this point, I am considering it MIA and am pointing the finger at my husband, who hates it when anyone leaves anything in his truck. Having said that, I am pretty sure that is where I last saw it…and now it is mysteriously NOT laying in the back seat of said truck.

There will be a reward – possibly some pizza or a chocolate pie…..both are forms of bribery for my boys. Not that either one of them will ever read this, but it makes me feel better and I can only hope that the darn coat will turn up in my next search this afternoon. I am running out of sweaters!!