it would seem that I have begun that slow painful descent into old age. not so much that I spend my days at the doctor’s office, nor do I have a line up of meds on my kitchen counter. it’s more like….I am slowly losing my mind. 😉

my boys could probably verify this more than anyone, for most of my questions to them begin with “I might have already asked you this…but”. I get that look that they give me when they either think I am crazy or one of pity. then they usually smile and say “yes, you did and I told you … “.  gotta love them, at least they are gentle with me.

lately, usually in my rush to get out the door to go to work, more times than not, I can’t find something that I need. important stuff….the most recent items are: my keys, my phone, my purse, my shoes……yes, my shoes…..and my coat, which is a new addition to my lost items list! notice I didn’t mention my mind….that’s a given. I have “usual spots” for all of these things, but our house has been in remodel mode for a while now, and nothing is in it’s place. at least, that’s my story.

In reference to “my marbles”, I used to clean for a very sweet elderly couple and the gentleman had alzheimers but was so brilliant that he would pass the test that they give you for the meds and so he would not qualify for them. mind you, he told me the same stories in perfect detail almost every time I was at their house. but I listened as if it was the first time he ever told me…he always enjoyed telling the stories and I didn’t want to break his spirit. He did know, however, that his mind was not what it used to be….and that he was often forgetting things and would joke a little about it. One day, I was cleaning his room and found a marble…..I went downstairs and walked over to him and said “Papa Joe, LOOK, I found your marble!” and he looked at me and grinned…and replied, “did you see the rest of them?” We both laughed so hard……and I do not think that I will ever forget that conversation….it was perfect timing.