so I decided to go ahead an post the poem that inspired my blog name, so those who want to could read it and let it take you back to when you were a child and listened wide-eyed and curious to the stories that were read to you. I loved to read as a child, practically devoured books and had many many favorites. the wynken and blynken poem was in this big book of poems that I must have read hundreds of times. there was a poem about a pirate, and one about a salamander and even the one about “going up in a swing”….smiling now just thinking of it. to this day, I wish I had that book…even though the binding was worn completely off…it truly was a treasure.

I still have a few books from my childhood…ones that I also read again and again. it’s funny how if I pick them up and read them now, that for a moment I am a little girl again, sitting on my bed, in my very neatly arranged room…dolls in order and my bed nicely made and I am so happy. there was the king of the dollhouse, the secret garden, and even the mysteries of nancy drew….gosh, I wished I lived in her house! and one of the oldest books was the one called “we were tired of living in a house” which I talked about awhile back on my facebook page. that one is another worthy of sharing…so, one day, I will.

I remember as I got a little older, my mom and I would go to the library and we would both get as many books as they would let us….and in two weeks, I had read them all…sometimes twice! It was a different time….no satellite tv…and no internet…so, we had more time to do things like read. I cannot tell you when I last read…other than the stories I read with my son for school. I keep thinking that one day, I will take the time to sit long enough and read a real book again…..and try not to fall asleep! lol

In the meantime, I will just keep humming the words to “chicken soup with rice” cuz it makes everything so nice….and it just makes me smile.