I am not sure how long I have been this way, but I am pretty sure it’s been most of my life. I most likely kept it to myself most of my youth…or at least through the teens years, probably so that I could keep my mouth from getting smacked and I really couldn’t pull it off with my mom. She is sassy too….so, like most people, I am going to blame it on my mother. She is a serious word shark…so, I am guessing it’s genetic!

I think, maybe, just maybe, it is because I lack patience with pretty much everyone and everything dumb. Stupidity annoys me, as do non-drivers and obnoxious noises and rude people. Not much for fighting or arguing…and I hate trouble makers…so I pretty much handle everything with a sarcastic comment. It seems to either make people laugh or piss them off.

I am a big girl…..44 I think….I don’t really keep track of my age. But I brush my own teeth and sometimes I make my bed and tie my own shoes. I have worked somewhere at some point since I was a senior in high school and have had a lot of jobs with a lot of responsibilities. I worked for one person at three different jobs….based on my work ethics and abilities and because she and I really do enjoy working together. We had many executive lunch breaks..lol….gotta love it when your boss signs you out for that…..and we spent a lot of time talking about everything….I really miss that a lot.

For now…and for the last three years, I have been working at an office not too far from home. Not my dream job….that would be having my own studio and working for myself…..but it is a pretty decent job, decent pay, sucky insurance, but it is insurance, so I should not complain. Small group of people….like a box of crayola…lots of different “colors” or personalities…some that are easier to love than others. I have met lots of really neat people and for the most part…it’s not a bad gig. I feel though as if I have come to a turning point. You know that feeling you get where you ask yourself “should I stay or should I go”? gosh…I love that song. Anyway, as you can see, I am actually using my big girl capital letters, so sass and all, I am being serious. I have always heard it is best to leave while they still want you to stay…..problem is, I am not ready to go yet, but I think I have reached my level of “niceness” and my sass has really come out…and I mean out loud!

I always prided myself on the fact that I am a nice person….I really am. I love when everyone is getting along, I avoid conflict at all costs and truthfully, all I ever really want is for people to be nice to one another. I have been like that my entire life. I was never mean to people, except for my brothers and sisters, but I think that is part of the deal…..and I have always left my jobs over the years on good terms and with an open door to return. I have a heart…..I care about a lot of things and I will help you if I can. I guess my rambling on here tonight is just to vent a little. I feel stifled….under appreciated and like I do not get the respect that I feel like I give others…..it is not a great way to feel at all.

So I am sassy…..when I am mad, rather than say something hateful, I say something sarcastic. It makes me feel better and well, if what I am saying hits you a little hard, then I got my point across without being mean. I am smarter than the average bear….believe it or not!