An entire week has gone by without a post, a blog, a blurb…or whatever you want to call it. I seem to have been otherwise unable to think clearly enough to write. Actually, I am kind of surprised that I am writing in what seems to be complete (for me) sentences now.

In the last week and a half, I have had food poisoning…I think. A sick child….all I can say is yuck! and have been experiencing a really bad episode with my fibromyalgia. To be completely honest, I feel like I have been hit by a rather large truck, have heard that I look pretty bad…which is true….and in addition to a level of pain that I cannot tolerate….I feel like I have not slept in weeks!

Having said that….one of my biggest pet peeves is a complainer. I shun negativity when possible and am always trying to look on the bright side of things. That is why, unless you are someone that I discuss my problems with…you will never know about it. I prefer to be the one that cheers people up rather than bring them down…but truthfully, that can get rather exhausting. So…..I just get quiet.

So….this week, quiet….mostly because I feel like I should be hibernating in a cozy little room, with lamplight and soft music and lots of nice pillows and blankets. I am dreaming of course….as I had to drag myself, quite literally to work and that, my friends was the hardest thing I have done all week!

Therefore, have an amazing and wonderful weekend. Stay warm. Watch an old movie. Take a nap….cuz that is exactly what I plan on doing.