I am certain that I am not alone in this….in fact, I know that it is a phenomenon in practically every home. At any given time we are missing at least a dozen socks…no kidding! I must wash at least two loads of laundry every day and they are always the last thing that I fold. I have some sort of system….first the towels and wash cloths…then jeans, t-shirts, undies and last but not least….SOCKS! They are not hard to fold, but frustrating because we are always…and I mean always missing some. I have often thought about throwing away the single’s (my word for the poor things missing their match) but I know that the second I do…..their partner will inevitably show up. I sometimes actually feel sorry for the ones that have been there a long time….figuring their feelings must be hurt, that I don’t like them anymore. I pick them up to make sure they know that I am thinking about them and lay all the single’s out in a row to see if maybe…just maybe one of them might match, especially since I am adding to the pile on a regular basis. This past weekend the clean sock pile had gotten so large that I made the boys go through it and sort them. Still there was a nice pile left for me….so, I took them….grabbed the pile of single’s and started folding.

It was a good day……I successfully got three socks back together with their match and while there are still at least 8 sitting in the laundry room on top of the dryer all alone…they were given a little attention today. Who knows, maybe their match will show up tomorrow…washing laundry as we speak!