I think for some reason I have used this expression before…however, it seems to fit at the moment, so I am using it again.

Been way to sick and way to busy for my own good and honestly, all I really want to do is find a way to be consistent at something…anything!

The treadmill that was sitting in the garage for the longest time is now sitting in my kitchen…because I had this great idea that if I could see it everyday, I would use it everyday!           awkward pause           HA! I think I may have used it twice and now, it has become something of a coat hanger for the people in my house. I call them people, because they have this impression that they can just throw their coats up there as if they belong. This is not something that I taught them…nor do I approve. In fact, it is driving me just a little bit crazy at the moment.

We are in the midst of some major home improvement…that is part of the reason why the treadmill is even being allowed in the kitchen at the moment. We have a very quaint house that was built about 60 or 70 years ago. Honestly, I know I have seen the paperwork on it, but my mind stays cloudy these days, so suffice it to say, it is an older home. It isn’t that big and when we bought it, it was enough for a family of three. Now, mostly based on the economy and the fact that I moved about 8 times in the course of a 3 year period, we have resigned ourselves to staying put at least until our oldest child graduates from high school.

So, having said that, the boys were growing out of their rooms and we needed more space. It would seem that at one time the original homeowner had intended to put an upstairs in our house…from the outside, you would have thought one was already there. But for some reason they didn’t and the only evidence we have that they did want to are the closed out window panes that were up in the attic.

We decided to go up and that’s what we are currently working on. So I lost my office to the stairs and we now have the beginnings of a master suite! It is a project that I like to say will be happening in phases, mostly based on funds available and those are dwindling down to nothing! Suffice it to say, we are probably on phase 2 or maybe 3. We have stairs, unfinished but they get you from the bottom floor to the top. We have the room framed and the drywall hung and most of it mudded (yeah, I know that is not grammatically correct) and the bedroom is primed and ready for trim work and paint. I even scored a walk-in closet which makes me very happy.

It will take a while for us to finish this but it is exciting to see it come together. My boys will be able to have their own rooms as soon as we can move in upstairs and I think they are looking forward to it even more than we are.

And since I am the only girl in this house besides the dog, who doesn’t count 🙂 I have already told my husband that I intend on “girling” this room up since it is the only one in the house that I can call my own. He isn’t excited about the color that I have chosen nor the fact that I want to put roses and white linens everywhere, but he simply smiles and said “that’s fine”. I am going to have to figure out where to put a TV though as it is the one allowance I am giving him since he is doing a lot more work on this room than I am.

And so for the better part of the last 6 months, our house has been torn apart with things in places where they do not belong. With treadmills in the kitchen and laundry in my bedroom. I have to say it has cured me a bit of my OCD but it still drives me crazy every single day that my house is in such a state of disorder. I can’t wait to get through the next phase of our project and find a permanent home for the treadmill and get my kitchen back!

That is why I say – and so it goes…