1 – I am a very impatient person….and I hate that about myself…
2 – I grew up in a very large family and had more responsibilities than I wanted…but, it made me a better person in so many ways. So…thanks mom!
3 – When I did finally decide that I was going to have children…I really wanted boys….I am not much into girly-girl things…and hate drama….that, and I can’t even fix my own hair…much less braids & pony tails! lol
4 – Speaking of my boys….love them more than anything….they are polar opposites, which keeps things interesting. But at the end of the day, they are my favorite people in the whole world!! ❤
5 – I would love to learn how to play guitar….and really enjoy listening to acoustic spanish guitar.
6 – I have an insatiable (sp) sweet tooth…..and consider myself a pretty good baker or all thing sweet and yummy.
7 – I love to sing…..sing all the time in my car, at home….at work (real low, so no one will hear me)
8 – I am a creative person by nature…..besides singing, I also like to write songs, poetry and short stories. I have recently got into scrapbooking and have a camera that I am trying to learn how to use.
9 – Hindsight is everything….and I wish that I had taken the initiative when I was young and single to learn a trade….such as interior design, or photography….something that I could do that involved beautification. 🙂
10 – I love love love the beach and I think it would be great to live in a house in the trees on a isolated island somewhere….
11- I hate shoes and would go barefoot or wear flip flops everywhere if I could get away with it.
12- I am entirely too friendly for my own good at times….which can get me into trouble – either taken advantage of or mistaken for flirtation.
13 – I was taught to treat everyone with respect no matter what race or religious or ethnic background and it makes me sad that people still have issues with any of those things.
14 – This is taking a very long time….and I am getting tired.
15 – I have always been self-conscious about how I looked….and sometimes wish that I was pretty.
16 – I have a great sense of humor…..appreciate comedy as long as its not too silly and sadly, I almost always laugh when I shouldn’t…like when someone slips and falls, as long as they aren’t really hurt.
17 – I used to pride myself on how perfectly clean and neat my home was….note the words “used to” – as kids and a dog have completely destroyed that!! lol
18 – I am still quite obsessive-compulsive about certain things…like how the towels are folded and color coordinated with the wash cloths…and I can’t leave a room if the light switch is up and the light is off. I will have to go to the other switch and turn it back on…so, that I can go back to the one that is “up” and turn it off again. Sick…yes, I know….that, and I will change the toilet paper so that the roll falls down from behind and not over the top…even if it isn’t my house!!
19 – I love blackened fish wraps and wish I had some right now…with a corona and some chili’s chips and salsa. ;p
20 – I have many names….mom, dianna, deanna, dino, diane, logan’s mom, tanner’s mom, ms. lester, and sister lester just to name a few. I have to say, I haven’t ever really been called anything really bad…at least not to my face.
21 – I met my husband when I was about 13 years old and immediately had a crush on him……we ended up getting married when we were 24 and are going to be celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary this coming April 25th.
22 – I love listening to all kinds of music….and sometimes wish that I had been good enough to sing professionally.
23 – When I grew up….we spent lots of time camping at different beaches up and down the east coast..and I have great memories of crabbing all day on the pier, making drip castles in the sand, disney and collecting seashells and sand dollars. We always seem to have someone extra with us on vacation…..what was one more person in a family of 10!!?!?! 🙂
24 – I had the neatest grammie & grampa ever….and could write a whole page on why….they were really fun and we were very close to them.
25 – Well, now that I am here.. I could think of at least 25 more random thoughts…but, maybe I will save that for another day. Just know….that for the most part, I am so happy to be me….and be a part of a great big family…movie of the week included at times…but, always good for a story or two.
I love all of my sisters and brothers….and my mom too!!
Peace out!

from 1/31/2009