Listen to me closely and remember what I say,
I love you both a little more each and every day.
All I’ve ever wanted is for the two of you to be
The kind of person that helps others to believe;
That nothing is impossible and to always give your best;
That hard work is good for you, let God help with the rest.
Be good to one another, and be the best of friends
When you grow up, be humble, kind and strong men.
Love your family and your friends with all of your heart,
And remember what I’ve told you from the very start.
From the time you were my babies, I never let a day go by,
Without kissing you or hugging you when we say goodbye.
Never take tomorrow for granted, or neglect the ones you love.
Or forget to say a prayer each day and praise our God above.
To be your mom was the greatest gift that I have ever known
Some day you’ll understand when you have children of your own.

dianna lester 3/22/2009