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imagine my surprise when my youngest (who was put to bed early with a terrible headache) woke up this morning…before me…showered, made his bed, cleaned up the den and walked up to my bed asking me how to make coffee. =) I mumbled the directions and a few minutes later dragged my tired bones downstairs to take a shower. next thing I know…the amazing aroma of coffee drifted in…and Logan…so proud of himself, showed me all that he had done this morning…big grin on his face…coffee ready…sugar in my cup and a spoon right beside it!! 

now that’s happiness ❤ 


I have an on again off again relationship with Coca Cola. I am not really worried about what anyone else thinks of it. It’s just that I have made my mind up that I was going to start cutting back on all things bad for me. for me…that means all things sugary!! =O

as I get older, and the bones start aching a little more – I feel regret for not really being into healthy eating as much as I could have or should have. having said that, about ten years ago, I was introduced to a company called Arbonne and ever since, I have really worked hard to incorporate organic foods into our diets and even became quite the label reader on everything else. in all that time, I have only bought organic milk and meat and stopped buying all sorts of junk food. brand names and labels became very important and not in a snobby kind of way, but in a “I am not putting that crap into my body” kind of way.

fast food is extremely limited and even that is selective. haven’t set foot in a McD’s in so long, that I can’t even remember what’s on the menu. even so, there are times when sometimes you just have to have it. and today, was it…..I wanted a large Coke so bad and didn’t really need it. half of it is getting poured down the sink because it’s been sitting on my desk so long…it’s all watered down. 😦 blech

anyway, that’s my two cents…maybe not even worth that much…but it is my blog…I can say whatever I want!! 🙂

sitting here watching it rain…again…and can’t help but think about how quickly time is flying by me, and all of us these days. we are always in a hurry, always busy and speaking for myself – have way too much going on most of the time. I really do miss the days when I had “free time”. I mean, I have it now, but the difference is, there is always a dozen or so things that I really should be doing. I mean time where you can sit and relax and not have the pressure of having something you have to do, somewhere you have to go or someone you need to see.

this world as we know it makes it that way – hectic and busy – is the norm and I hate it. it isn’t like it is some big surprise…the times we live in are prophetic and we certainly have our hands full. I think that I just wish I had been smarter, made better decisions and didn’t burden myself down, or have so many hurdles.

mostly, I am just tired…and tired of being tired. I want to enjoy every moment I can with my boys…while they are still young. and they are growing up fast, so I don’t want to miss anything. they are the best. yes, all parents say that – but really, they are awesome. truly two of the sweetest boys ever and we are close, which makes me very happy.

this brings me to my calendar – which is a disaster if you could see it!! and I literally have made myself cross days and nights off in it – to be sure that I don’t let my “busy” work – get in the way of my family time. even if we just watch cartoons together – which we do – it’s time together. we are planning more outings together, hanging out with the boys and their friends a lot more and going to the movies – just us – the way they like it.