I really don’t know why I think I can keep up with blogging with all of the millions of things that I have on my “to-do list” but I suppose I will just keep trying. Needless to say, I have to back track all the way to October to update here – for the most part, it’s all on the facebook page, but for my handful of friends that don’t go there…this is the easiest way to update everyone all in one punch! so to speak 😉

so, I guess I left off about the time that Larry started hydrotherapy for his leg – he went 3 times a week for about 6 weeks for therapy in the pool – which more than anything just felt good. it’s low impact, and water is so therapeutic – and he took advantage of the whirlpool after each session.  I think that was his favorite part 🙂 so much so, that he keeps trying to figure out how to get a hot tub for the house!

he graduated to what he calls “land therapy” lol – and continues to go 3 times a week – usually in the afternoon after work. it’s been a struggle, we honestly have not seen any real improvement since then, though he is walking with a cane, but with a very obvious limp and it hurts. there are times when he tries to get away with walking without the cane, but he shouldn’t – he’s almost fallen several times and his gait is so off balance, it not only looks painful, but I know that it feels pretty bad too. he’s just so determined to walk “normal” again and is having a really hard time waiting for things to progress naturally. we’ve been to Charlottesville so many times that I have lost count, but truly cannot say enough good things about the doctor, his staff and all of the other folks working in the UVA health system. they truly embody what good customer service should be!!

let’s see, he’s been to his ortho doctor several times, has been seen by the neurologist, the spine specialist, has had an MRI, lots of x-rays, and an EMG – which is a nerve conduction study, which led to more appointments including one for an epidural steroid injection. the EMG indicated several degenerative discs in his spine, which is not that uncommon, especially with his rheumatoid arthritis and his height and frame. it was really just one more thing to put on the list of “health problems”.

we are still trying to get his pain managed, which is very frustrating because you cannot take narcotics on a regular basis and
the regular pain meds just don’t do enough to help most days. he also still has not regained any feeling in his leg below the knee to his toes on the front side, and has absolutely no control over his foot. in addition to that, his leg is still not 100% straight, so, between the lack of control of his foot and the bend in his leg, when he does walk…it is with more swag than you could possibly imagine and while some days he laughs about it and “works it” – other days, it depresses him very much.

needless to say, life as we know it has totally changed. when we are around friends, we try really hard to keep it light and not make too much of it, though I know we are not always succeeding. it is hard…plain and simple. I posted not long ago on facebook how he is literally grieving the loss of being able to do so many things that he was used to doing, things we take for granted. I hurt for him, I struggle with the loss of some of my “me time” because my days start earlier now, and has more crammed in it – just so I can help make his days easier. it’s just going to take time for us to really adjust to this “new normal” and in the process, we try not to let it consume us – and that in itself is the biggest challenge of all.

in the meantime, he has switched to a different physical therapist, one that he feels will be able to help him more. and we have more appointments ahead of us … possibly surgery on his foot … just trying to eliminate all other options first. trying to manage the pain and the depression and keep moving forward.

anyway, that’s all for now…I am weeks behind in editing…which overwhelms me like you cannot imagine – and I keep telling myself that it could be worse, because I know for a fact that it could!! I don’t need anyone to remind me to count my blessings, because every day that our eyes open and our feet hit the ground I am grateful.

and that is all…

for now. 🙂