seriously, if I could figure out how to do that I would totally would do it! it would be almost redundant for me to say how hard this past year and a half has been. honestly, it seems more like three!

I kind of hate the phrase “new normal” it’s so overused, but it absolutely is, in so many ways. since I last wrote, Larry’s leg has really not gotten any better. he actually stopped going to physical therapy because it hurt too much to go and while getting out of the house may have been nice for his cabin fever, it more often than not made him hurt even more for the next couple of days, so he decided not to go anymore.

he has also lost his job because it was just hurting him physically to continue to try to go every day…just too much time on his feet and more walking than he could handle. so, he is officially on disability. talk about a kick in the guts! while it is good for him not to be struggling to work, he is home every single day while I am at work and the guys are at school and he hates it. not only that, trying to figure out how to pay more bills than we’ve ever had, with more to come…with half of his income. it’s scary and though we try not to let it make us anxious, because somehow things eventually always work out…it currently sucks! blunt but it’s the truth.

our routine has changed somewhat, and I do and take care of a lot of things that I never thought I’d be doing but we are making it work. the guys are awesome, though still need to be reminded to do their laundry! =O but they help out a lot and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

anyway, he heads to charlottesville next week for appointments with a plastic surgeon, his ortho doctor and another ortho who specializes in knee replacement. their hope is to replace the knee but before they can, they have to go into his leg and make sure that there is enough blood flow for that kind of surgery. he had to wean off of some of his medicine that he takes for his rheumatoid, so he’s dealing with the aching and swelling that comes with that and just anxious to get it done.

because of the type of injury that he had, infection is always a concern, so they’ve been watching him for symptoms of that and have done quite a bit of lab work to make sure that all will go well.

of course, there is a risk…but one he is willing to take and it’s his decision, not mine, or anyone else’s. in the event that the surgery is not successful, then he has already been told the next step would be amputation. it is what it is…and until we have to cross that bridge…we are going to focus on the next surgery and hope and pray for the best.

in the meantime, trying to be cheerful, on a major decluttering mission and trying to work on a busted budget and smiling…because I’d rather laugh than cry!!