As usual, I am way behind in blogging so this may drag on for a while.

the last time that I posted was in december prior to his most recent surgery the first week of february. that was the longest stay in the hospital since the accident and made for a pretty interesting recovery. we even got to watch the superbowl from his hospital room – pizza and all…well, no beer, but the pizza was pretty good. 😉

the ortho surgeon worked along with a plastic surgeon to transfer a calf muscle from the back of his leg and move it to the front, right below the knee. the reason, in a nutshell – with so much damage and scar tissue on his leg, specifically in the area around the knee, they were concerned that there would not be sufficient blood flow for the upcoming knee surgery. so, the transferred calf muscle will provide it for him. it was by far the strangest thing to see – even more so I think than when he had the external hardware holding his leg together!! =O needless to say, recovery was rough, very messy and seemed to drag on f o r e v er.

we were under the impression, mostly wishful thinking…that he would be able to have his knee surgery late march/early april, but at the second follow up appointment with the plastic surgeon they really wanted to push it out a lot further. basically, to give the muscle more time to transition to its new location and because they wanted to be cautious as the next surgery will cut right into that area. so, we are a bit disappointed in the delay but completely understood their reasoning and so we wait…

he has his next follow up appointment at the end of may, so hoping to know more after that.

other than that, just trying to keep my head above water…for the first time ever, I had to file an extension on our taxes and still trying to get those done. social security denied his disability because they are stupid…he’s obviously disabled!! and so filing an appeal on that and well, I could go on and on but it’s all pretty boring and only bothersome for me.

super busy summer with lots of graduates in the family…three this year!! both moms coming to town, trying hard to get some things done on the house and desperate to do something to beautify my yard, which I affectionately call “ground zero”!! apparently, before the accident, larry used to do a lot in the yard. the boys are great, but they just do the necessary…cut the grass!! logan doesn’t mind so much, he basically drives the deere around the yard – sometimes in circles, but whatever!! 😉

anyway, I sat down the other night and thought about how very difficult this whole thing has been for us, obviously for larry the most, but really, it has changed our everyday lives. some days I just want to scream and cry – and sometimes I do cry – major ugly cry, usually somewhere random, like in the middle of a store or at my desk. logan gets pretty frustrated with his dad – he seems to call for help from him the most, and he does it, but it has worn him down too. tanner helps and never complains, even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t. we just celebrated our 24th anniversary, and by celebrate – I bought a cake (Ukrop’s Bakery of course) and that was really it. we are not the mushy type and thank goodness for that because I would hate it, but I do think that next year we should really CELEBRATE. it will be 25 years, not always easy years, but through the good, the bad and the ugly, there has been an awful lot of good – which far surpasses the challenges and heartache that we’ve been though. I told him the other day, as he was apologizing for needing me so much that I’d walk 500 miles for him…it’s a song that we love from back in the late 80’s…and he laughed and that’s all I really needed.