so, if anything I am consistent about this blog…it’s been 7 months since my last entry. I suppose that it really isn’t all that important how often I write, pretty sure I can count on one hand how many hits my posts get. but, honestly, considering how bad my memory is these days, it helps me to keep track of this whole crazy journey these last two and a half years has taken us. so it’s mostly for me. 🙂

as for Larry – he’s hanging in there as much as can be expected. he actually has good days where he can get around with a lower level of pain and ease but probably more days where he struggles just to get up out of a chair.

we had anticipated having his last, or what we hope to be his last surgery sometime late summer but things didn’t go as planned. he has recovered of course from his surgery from the beginning of the year but in a nutshell, he just has so much scar tissue and his leg has been cut or otherwise damaged so much that when we went in to see the surgeon about his next step…they told him that his leg just wasn’t ready. it was a huge disappointment but we totally understood. so, he went back to physical therapy and the goal was to work on the skin on his leg to make it more pliable so that it could be cut again. between bottles of vitamin E oil, a really good therapist and a lot of effort…things improved enough that the doctor scheduled him for surgery. and of course, more anticipation because the soonest date that they could give him is late December!

this next surgery is to replace the knee but as we were told by the doctor – “this isn’t your grandma’s knee surgery!” there will be a plastic surgeon involved as well since they will have to be extra careful with how they cut the leg and there is a possibility that they will need to do another skin graph just to close things up! he will have a longer surgery, a longer hospital stay and a longer recovery but if all goes well it should help his mobility a lot and ease up on the knee pain. of course, there are risks for infection and so we’ve been given fair warning that it will either go really well or not so much! as you can imagine, Larry is a cross between excited and nervous and truly isn’t looking forward to any of it. I personally just want it over with but I completely understand why he is a little ambivalent about it all. it seems that lately, he has more pain and trouble with his foot and ankle that I am a little worried about what’s going on there and hoping that it will get better on it’s own.

other than that, we have had to file our second appeal for his disability…go figure and literally if something could go wrong or break down – it has. I kinda have to laugh because it’s really normal for us these days. plus, I’ve been so busy that I feel out of touch with everyone and too exhausted some days to do anything more than what I have to do to get through the day. I just tell myself that this too shall pass…

I guess that’s all really – I could ramble about other trivial things but I am actually tired of hearing myself “talk” so I’ll just end this here. 😉