Seems appropriate for the last three years of our lives – it has been long, with several bumps and unexpected turns along the way. I haven’t updated in quite some time, in a way I haven’t just because I am tired of “the story” itself and then I really just didn’t know what to write.
Larry’s last surgery to repair his leg was in December…he was in the hospital twice for that because of some issues with infection and recovery was messy and a bit frustrating but the end result was worth the 7 surgeries and hospital stays over the last two and half years and the bills that I will continue to pay into the immediate future.
The bright side is at one point we did not know if he would be able to keep his leg much less walk again without his cane and the amazing surgical staff he had at UVA went above and beyond what we ever could have imagined and we will be forever grateful. He’s walking quite well considering the severity of the injury and the pain is tolerable, sometimes not too noticeable at all though it will spike if he’s done too much. Either way, it’s much better than we expected it to be and that’s AWESOME.
To see Larry now…it can be very deceiving, he’s a big and tall guy and strong too so unless he’s having a hard day physically, you may not notice the difference in his walk. You certainly will not know when he’s in pain unless he tells you…and he usually won’t do that. He still has a hard time getting up from a seated position unless there is something to push up with or we extend a hand to help pull him up. You won’t know this, because he doesn’t want people to know…he’s more tired of “this story” than I am as you can imagine and just wants things to be back to normal. It’s a new normal instead and he’s having a hard time accepting his limitations and the circumstances
that he finds himself in now. So, it is a daily, sometimes hourly challenge for all of
us…literally! He has no idea how much I admire his endurance because I know that this has been the hardest thing that he has ever gone through in his life.
Because I hate negativity and this seems to be leaning more in that direction, I have to say that we know that things could have been much worse. We know friends and others who have suffered more or lost more. We realize that we have a lot to be thankful for yet it has still been the hardest thing that WE have ever gone through and it still continues to challenge us mentally, emotionally, physically and financially so I have to allow myself to complain sometimes. I won’t apologize for it – I need to get it out…I hold A LOT inside and that’s terribly stressful and bad for me. I cry when I need to but prefer to laugh so I do what I can to help me get through each day.
We are doing okay, we celebrated 25 years of marriage recently. We have two amazing boys…now young men that we are very proud of and we have a lot more to look forward to. I don’t feel sorry for us…I just want a break so we can catch our breath and move on. There are more roads out there for us to travel…