just little old me talking about a little bit of this and that….

I change my mind often so this blog will transition over time depending on my mood and my ability to learn how to use all the options of this program….which means, it won’t be tomorrow. it will definitely take me some time and possibly a blog for dummies book to assist me with all of the things I want to include here.

about me….let me think….

as you can tell, I favor lowercase letters…..except for proper nouns. not really sure why, just always have and so feel free to analyze that if you think it is worthy to do so. πŸ˜‰

I am in love with the ocean and all things coastal ~ I am pretty sure that is where I was meant to be and one day….fingers crossed, hope to have a little beach house under some tall palm trees somewhere south of here.

I have been married for almost 20 years….met my husband when we were awkward teenagers and married when we were 24. he regularly drives me crazy but I can’t imagine life without him….plus, he keeps me warm at night! lol

I have two boys – one is 15 and one is 11 – they are my heart and are as different as night and day. my oldest son is on the quiet side, a thinker with my sense of humor. he loves music, is a very talented artist and is smarter than I ever was in school. my other son is 100% all-american boy, a comedian and a ladies man, school is an inconvenience and yet he has the most creative mechanical mind of anyone I have ever known. they have a way of making me laugh sometimes until I cry and they hug me every day before they leave for school. something they know is very important to me.

I think I have always had a great appreciation for photography, even when I was young, I remember borrowing the family camera for field trips and buying the disposable ones once they came out and was always excited about getting the film developed. I cannot tell you how many magazines that I bought over the last 20 years just based on the cover photograph alone!! there is just something about “that moment” you can capture in a picture. about 3 or 4 years ago, my husband bought me a “nice” camera and well, suffice it to say, I have gone crazy with it!! the boys and I went to the zoo so I could “break it in” and, well, that was the beginning of my obsession with photography. now, I am shooting babies and bridals and everyone in-between and I call it therapy! πŸ™‚

other than that, I am like a lot of people….love to bake, I am addicted to decorating sites and magazines, have a sweet tooth….cupcakes being a personal favorite and lots of other things. kinda hard to tell all about myself in one post. so, you will get to know me through the blog….and well, you will either relate with Β me, laugh with me or you will just feel sorry for me. πŸ˜‰