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movies with my boys

even now with the boys being teenagers – we will all sit together and watch a disney movie. a couple of weeks ago, we watched despicable me 2 one evening and loved every minute of it. the boys had popcorn and the lights were off…as it should be when you watch a movie you know! they actually sit still now…well, logan most of the time. 😉 and it was just nice…


the perfect find…

my photographer friends will appreciate this one 🙂 

I have a styled session scheduled for this weekend and the more I talked, well texted and inboxed my models, the more the ideas started swimming around in my mind! I am very visual and know what I want…usually – having said that, I happened upon an estate sale on my lunch break today and practically started drooling over the abundance of props – well, they aren’t really props – but to a photographer, they are!! and I scored a fabulous little green velveteen hat circa 1940’s – 50’s and the perfect little suitcase to use in the session. I spent way more than I should have…but it’s my version of retail therapy.

so then, happiness is…the perfect find.

the end 😉


happiness is…a warm fire on a cold day